10 Reasons not to visit Belize.

I’m going to be really blunt and say that anything worth seeing in Belize lies along it’s Caribbean Coast – Islands and Coastal Towns included. But inland there is little worth taking the time and effort to see.

But that absolutely should not put you off going to Belize, because it’s Caribbean/English/Latino mix vibes found on it’s islands is seldom found elsewhere.

So here I’m document the top things to do in Belize:


1) If you arrive on a small plane, connecting from Cancun, you might have the misfortune of having to look out at this view as you’re flying into Belize. I mean, what an eyesore! 😉


2) Lying in a hammock overlooking the Caribbean sea? How lazy!

Jeramiah’s Inn, Caye Caulker is the perfect place to stay if you want a cheap private room in the middle of all the action!


3) With all these Islands, the only way to get about is by boat. Can’t someone just build some bridges please?

In Belize water taxis are simple and easy to find and use, and a necessity for getting between the islands, but they don’t run all day and all night and you could find yourself stranded if you don’t plan ahead….. check this website out: http://www.belizewatertaxi.com/

Boat trips on catamarans for sunset/snorkelling/swimming are on offer everywhere and so much fun – not difficult to find from any of the Islands.


4) Hanging from a rope swing over the ocean is so childish, right!?

Koko King, Caye Caulker North Island – get here using the free shuttle boat from the west side of Caye Caulker south island. DO NOT MISS! This place in incredible for beach days and cocktails. They also have accommodation available as well. 


5) There are bloody palm trees everywhere, with hammocks and benches hanging between them. It all just gets in the way of the view!

Blue Ventures https://blueventures.org/ have a camp on the northern tip of Ambergris Caye where you can learn and help with conservation while learning to dive.


6) Because stepping out of your accommodation onto a picture like this is only going to remind you how ugly the view from your house at home is. You don’t need that kind of negativity!

Sarteneja is a sleepy fishing village close to the border with Mexico.  Get here with the Thunderbolt boat from either San Pedro/Corozal. Stay at Mayra’s Guest House/Martineja Hotel.

The village is absolutely NOT on the tourist trail at all, but if you like bright blue seas and quiet village life this is the place. Be warned, the villagers aren’t particularly used to tourists and as such they aren’t the friendliest. But there is an American couple living here who’ve converted a house into a beautiful bar/restaurant/guest house on the sea front. And they are so delightful! Say hi to Brock and Vanessa from me 🙂


7) The second largest coral reef in the world? Pfft, that the best they can do?

Snorkelling & Diving trips available from the multitude of tour operators on the islands.


8) Because sitting in the Caribbean sipping your favourite cocktail, no thanks… my feet might get wet!

Lizard Lounge, The Strip, Caye Caulker is the place to be during the day for swimming in these blue water. Next door there is another bar equally as good fun!


9) Because the street art is boring and meaningless.

The lionfish is invading the coral reef and is advertised everywhere to remind people to eat lionfish to promote more fishing of this unwelcome visitor. Make sure you give it a taste!


10) Like you’ve got nothing better to do that sit around watching the sunset!?

Sarteneja; get here with the Thunderbolt from San Pedro/Corozal. Stay at Mayra’s Guest House/Martineja.


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