4 months on the road

Today marks 4months since I arrived in Belize; the start of my travels. I arrived in Leon this afternoon, coming from Managua….where I chilled for a week and did nothing. It’s hard this travelling malarky! Sometimes you need a rest! 😉

And I’m gonna chill here for a another good few days, the main attractions here in Leon are the central cathedral (the largest in central America), volcano boarding (sledging down an active volcano) and just the general appeal of an old crumbling colonial city.

So yes, 4 months: 16weeks: 1/3 of a year. Quite a long time! And it feels like a bit of a landmark for me because it’s the longest time I’ve ever been out of the UK or away from home. After university when I travelled, I had 4 months with Shannon in Asia, went home to save money and then had 4 month’s with Adam in America and the rest of Asia.

So as I sit and watch the sunset from this lovely rooftop bar in Leon, with my 70p beer, I thought I’d discuss how I’m feeling being away from home, what I miss, what I don’t miss.


First and foremost, I miss my friends and family. However, I appreciate how fortunate I am to have friends come meet me on not one but two occasions. And to be honest, with social media and WiFi everywhere these days (I’m currently sat writing this in a restaurant on my phone while I wait for my food) it doesn’t feel like anybody is really all that far away, not compared to when I travelled with Shannon and Adam 9 years ago and we’d have to rely on internet cafes (god forbid).

A decent shower

I can’t tell you how much I’d kill to know that everyday there will always be a good powerful, hot (as I want) shower!

My bed

To lie in bed, on my own mattress with my own quilt and snuggle from the cold. Worth flying home for 1 night in bed? Possibly 😉

Tap Water

Imagine being able to grab a glass and put it under a tap and drink it. Wouldn’t that be nice!


Being able to get fresh milk (I hate UHT), real bacon and sausages, going for an Indian, decent foreign food (I just ate pasta and it was a fail). English pub grub and stodge. E.g. pies, chips (not fries) and a full english (drools at the thought).

Oh… And being able to flush Toilet paper….seriously, somebody invest in a good sewer system already!




Bloody Brexit and it being all over the pissing TV and everywhere you look. Get on with it May bot! So we can all move on with our lives before the UK becomes even more of a sesspit of opinion and made facts that are totally bollocks.

The Weather

I need say no more.

My job

The role I quit to go travelling was one of the worst experiences of my life. So no thanks to going back to that. Just working in general actually. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉


All a bunch of first world problems really, so I’m sure I’ll survive! Ha.

Since my last post when I was explaining that I need to grab this “I could go anywhere in the world” thing by the balls, I have been thinking about where I want to go next and what I want to do, but I haven’t quite locked down any plans.

I’ll share with you an update when I know. Unless you have any suggestions!?


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