A Guide To Colombia Finca Life

A common thing to do in Colombian culture is for families and/or friends to leave the city and spend some time in a Finca (farm) in the mountains. It’s a very “Colombian” thing to do and for good reason, often these Fincas are the old farmhouses of retired Coffee/Fruit plantations. Situated in the mountainous regions of Colombia they normally offer exceptional views in tranquil countryside settings and often they have swimming pools.

There is something to suit everybody’s requirements from dorm beds, private rooms, full-finca-rental and even camping. They are normally very flexible with food, in that you can use the finca “self-catering” style, a restaurant attached or the option of having a local who can cook for you (at extra cost). There are even high-end hotel/resort style fincas that operate very much like a hotel (and it’s reflected in the price).

It’s an amazing way to enjoy the stunning countryside of Colombia whilst also getting a feel for the Colombian way-of-life.


Here’s my top 5 Fincas from around Colombia:

1) Hostal La Finca, San Jeronimo, Medellin

Style: Traditional / Budget: Low-Mid Range / Kitchen: Yes / Swimming Pool: Yes

This Finca is the one that prompted me to write this post, soaking up the sun here confirmed for me how crucial some Finca time is for anybody visiting Colombia, and I hope you take inspiration from this post and make the trip!

Hostal La Finca boasts stunning views over the valley from the mountaintop swimming pool which is surrounded by large gardens and orchards (you can pick and eat the fruit during your stay).

Accommodation on offer includes private rooms, dorm beds, camping and full-finca rental. There is a shared kitchen that you can use (make sure to pick up your ingredients in Medellin/San Jeronimo), or you can also arrange to have a local cook for you.


More reasons to visit….. The BBQ terrace, homemade European style bread, hot showers, hiking in the surrounding countryside.


Convinced? Hostal la Finca is situated an hour and a half outside of Medellin….check out the website which has all the information for getting there…CLICK HERE


2) Finca Guacamayo, Filandia, Pereira, Coffee Region

Style: Modern / Budget: Mid-High Range / Kitchen: Yes / Swimming Pool: Yes


Owned by the family of an eclectic long haired friend of mine Brendy, this Finca is next level beautiful. Moving away from the traditional farmhouse-style Finca decoration, Brendy and his Brother have renovated this Finca to be minimalist and modern. Situated in the middle of an avocado orchard you have spectacular views of the rolling hills around and onto the town of Filandia, which is a must visit Pueblo in Colombia, read my blog about Filandia here.


Wanting more information about Finca Guacamayo click here, or contact Brendy directly on Whatsapp +573004344390.


3) Hacienda Venecia, Manizales, Coffee Region

Style: Luxury Resort / Budget: Low-High Range / Kitchen: Yes / Swimming Pool: Yes

This place! What can I say?! Maravilloso!

Situated 20 minutes outside the off-the-beaten-track but beautiful city of Manizales, this Finca is a fully operational coffee farm that occupies acre-upon-acre of farmland in a steep sided valley.


It’s targeting a more wealthy audience of foreign tourists, but amazingly one of the farm buildings has been converted into a stand alone hostel with dorm beds, kitchen and (very basic) tienda. The £8 dorm beds include use of the swimming pool at the main villa.


High end accomodation at budget-backpacker prices? Pack your bags…here’s the link.


(TIP: contact them via Whatsapp message for quick replies) 


4) Rio Elemento, Minca, Santa Marta

Style: Traditional / Budget: Low Range / Kitchen: No / Swimming Pool: Yes


When I visited Minca I wanted to stay at the famous Casa Elemento with it’s “super-hammock”, but didn’t like the fact that it was located so far up the mountain that you’re essentially stuck there with an expensive trip if you want to get back to the town.


So I settled on Rio Elemento, their sister hostel that they’d opened just a week earlier (in Nov 2017) down in the main town of Minca. Staying there I could also get free access to Casa Elemento and it’s famous views including a free beer!


The hostel has been converted from an old farmhouse/villa once owned by a wealthy family from Santa Marta which, due to their lack of use the house had started it’s slow journey into disrepair.


Now imagine a beautiful white villa sat atop a steep hill with steps down to a massive swimming pool with an orchard path down to a trickling river, all shrouded beneath the rain-forest canopy!


Sounds stunning, right? But be warned….I was there in it’s opening week and as such it’s reputation hadn’t taken off yet, there were less than 10 of us staying in the entire place, but I have heard rumours that it’s now developed into a party-rave hostel. So if you are considering staying here, get some up-to-date reviews first.


But one thing….don’t stay in Casa Elemento! It’s in dire need of a revamp, is miles out of town and it’s falsely advertised “swimming pool” is 2m x 1m (no joke).


Click here for Rio Elemento


5) Hosteria El Paraiso, Jardin, Colombia

Style: Traditional/Colourful / Budget: Mid Range / Kitchen: No / Swimming Pool: No

This place I visited on a last minute whim because I wanted to stay in Jardin but wasn’t taken aback by the other options on booking.com and chose to stay the short (10min) walk outside the town in this finca.


The best thing about this place is the couple that own and run it. They are unbelievably kind and inviting. Next is the stunning garden and immaculately maintained colour theme of the buildings and rooms.


If you’re planning a visit to Jardin, this place is a must-stay, but they only offer private rooms, no dorms. There is no shared kitchen here, but breakfast is included and the restaurants of Jardin are only a short stroll away.


Check it out on Booking.com


So there you go! I hope I’ve inspired you to take part in this delightful part of Colombian life…

TOP TIP….avoid Festivo's (Bank Holiday) weekends because accommodation is difficult to find and prices increased.


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