A muggers surprise

So I missed writing up Friday, because it was purely a day of waiting and travelling. I had a flight from Guatemala to Bogota, Colombia at 5pm Friday and in the morning was watching clothes dry, because the hotel had washed my clothes for me and she didn’t have a good enough Yorkshire breeze flowing through her yard did she.


Rather unfortunately, on checking in I learnt that my flight had been changed from direct to going via El Salvador with a 2 hour wait there. I arrived in Bogota at midnight Friday night (4 hours after planned).


Why am I going all the way to Colombia and skipping the rest of Central America? Because I’m meeting Frankie, Kev, Keiron & Ed; before I decided to quit work and travel I was going with them for a 2 week travel holiday around Colombia, and I still want to join in the fun, and it’s sure to be a good laugh.


So I met a drunk and sleepy Frankie at the hostel for our reunions, which was great; a few beers and an early night it was as everyone had long days travelling.


So today is saturday, and a day of exploring the city is on the cards, but we have our very our personal guide going by the name of Paul. Both Paul and I quit our jobs at Morrisons at the same time to go travelling. He is now living in Bogota for a few months, and so another reunion was on the cards!


Paul took us for a trip downtown on the eyewateringly crowded Metro bus system; where we parttook in a fight for survival trying to get off the bus when we arrived at our stop. There was a man following us through the crowds just blatently and very indiscretely trying to mug us, his hands were everywhere, you could feel him putting his hands in your pockets, so I turned round, looked him in the eye and then proceeded to shove my hands in his pockets. Confusion for him, comedy for me! He promptly fucked off.


Luckily all our belongings were stowed away in a rucksack, so we just got a free fondle and nothing was lost.


Downtown Bogota was a treat for the senses, with armed police everywhere and people trying to sell us Christmas Trees – just what I was after!


The city is surrounded by a backdrop of beautiful mountains, with the old town (Candeleria) crawling up the hillside. We walked up and out of the madness of Centro and followed the colourful colonial buildings up the hillside. There was amazing street art, lovely coffee shops and great views.


After and afternoon of wandering, we returned to the hostel, and later on met up with Paul again who was keen to show us Bogota nightlife. It was a great night, but an early night was inorder, because tomorrow we fly across the country to Leticia, from where we are doing a 4 day trek into the Amazon.


So over and out for a few days, because something tells me the rainforest doesn’t have Wifi or charging points. Wish me luck, and if I get eaten by a Boa Constrictor, it’s been a good trip.

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