A BIG 6ft4/20stone Hello to you!

I’m Kyle Sandham.

Right now it’s April 2017 and I have been living in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK for around five and a half years. I’m writing this from the kitchen of The Sandcastle (my house) which I *extremely tastefully* renovated in 2016.

I have a degree in marketing from my university days in Newcastle and am now a Chartered Management Accountant working at the head office of a “well known” supermarket.

Accountant ZZzzz…… “Bore off!” I hear you grumble in your suddenly enforced slumber!?

But trust me when I say I’m the most creative, sociable, chatty, impatient, sarcastic (hilarious) and heart-on-sleeve wearing accountant thou shalt ever have the pleasure of knowing!

At the ripe old age of 30; something about the corporate world of numbers, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and living in a two-up-two-down in a town which is the name sake to a charity bear (Pudsey) isn’t sitting right with me….

So I’ve sold The Sandcastle, handed my notice in at work and in July 2017 I am leaving the “well known” supermarket with a one-way ticket to **tbc** to start my journey exploring┬áthe world.

It’s a scary but above all EXCITING time and I am hoping that this blog will be my portal to sharing with you; my reasoning behind why I’m doing this, my excitement in preparing and all the ongoing experiences relating to the things I love most in life from my past, present and currently rather uncertain (in a good way) future.

This blog will be my take on life as I know and love it.

It’s quite literally Life. By. Kyle

P.s. My Mum (that’s her in the picture) – affectionately known as “Mofo” wants you to know that she lives in The Lake District – and that’s where I’m originally from. It’s a beautiful place – you should visit (holiday home available at reduced rates – “pm” me) ­čśë



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