Back to the Drawing Board – Where Next?

So, it’s that time in my travels again where I’ve hit a metaphorical wall. Luckily not a real one, because I’ve got a flat enough face as it is.

My teaching English in Colombia gig finishes at the end of June. My work visa & contract are up on the 30th June, but the actual teaching finishes 15th June for the school holidays – meaning I’ll have a nice 2 weeks of chill time to see a little more of the country after school finishes.

Before I decided to accept the teaching job, I was in Medellin, if you remember; I was trying to figure out how to make shit happen there and settle down.

Whilst I had a few reasons for why I decided to do the teaching thing, my main was to be in one location and hopefully learn more Spanish.

And I’ve got a taste for it! Whilst my Spanish has definitely come along, there is still so much more to learn.

So I’m considering the following options:

  • Go back to Medellin, finding work and taking up Spanish lessons to improve my Spanish. Potentially staying as long as 6 months there.
  • Continuing with my travels through South America, starting by going over the border to Ecuador.
  • Doing the above, but first buying a car and doing it by car.
  • Going to Medellin, but only to attend an intensive Spanish School for around 6 weeks. Then continuing with my travels in South America.

Whatever I decide, I need to leave Colombia by the 30th June due to visa requirements. I can then turn around and come straight back into the country, starting a new 90 day tourist visa. *Throws another spanner into the works* – so I’ve been considering booking a flight to the US to see Chris Woodhouse in Texas as my way of leaving-to-reenter.

Any thoughts anybody?

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