Cascada Doble, Filandia – Exact Directions

Update March 2019: added additional photos from Allen who did the walk and sent some more to help improve this post. Allen also loved the walk! So get out there guys and go visit these lovely waterfalls!

The Double Waterfall just outside Filandia makes for a great morning or afternoon hike (1.5 hours each way). But it’s not signposted, or particularly easy to find as it sits on private land; that’s part of the adventure in that you need to ask local farmers where to go.

But for those who like to plan ahead, here is a step by step guide!


1. Stand outside the main church in Filandia Plaza, with the church to your right.

(Start: Stand with the Church to your right – the guy in green top, bottom left of photo has got the perfect starting position town to a tee!)

2. Walk straight along Calle 7 until you reach Carrera 8. If you get to Cafe Cultivar, you’ve gone one block too far. Turn left onto Carrera 8, then take the first right. Now you’re on “Via La India” and you’re heading out of Filandia.

(X = your starting point, follow the red arrow)

3. Keep walking for about 30minutes along the roadside – be careful of crazy Colombians and their cars. Stick to the side.

(keep walking along Via La India)

4. You will reach a fork in the road. TURN LEFT

(Turn Left: pic from Allen – thanks!)

5. Next you’re looking for Virgin Mary statue in a big blue building. Here, TURN LEFT onto the “bad road” i.e. the one with more potholes.

(dreadful pic I know; I was later trying to take this from a moving vehicle, but it’s enough for you to know)

6. Keep walking for about 20 minutes. Until you come across this Junction below. TURN LEFT


7. Keep walking now basically forever, don’t turn off.


8. You’ll come to what appears as a dead end with a white house. To the right there is a steep track, follow this down to continue along the road.

(Turn RIGHT just before this white house. Pic from Allen – thanks!)

9. Round the corner and you’ll see this house:


10. Head to the house and the waterfall is on this property – the owners will take 6,000pesos and guide you down to the waterfall.

(Cascada Doble)

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