For the love of Medellin

I’m not doing well at these daily updates, hands up! I’ll excuse myself for 5 days when I was in the Amazon, but then the last 3 days I’ve just quite simply been too shitfaced/hungover. Let’s blame Frankie, that’s what we always do!


Coming from our jungle trip direct to Medellin into the centre of the sector de fiesta (party area) of the city, we were back into civilisation with a bang! The 1 hour drive from the airport to town consisted of a winding mountain road down into the valley in which Medellin sits, and the views were incredible. We stopped off at a restaurant/viewpoint on the mountain to soak up the views; see todays covers photo.


Arriving at our hostel (Happy Buddha Hostel), it was clear to see we were dead centre in the party zone. A well oiled mix of locals and travellers were spilling out onto the streets from the dozens of incredibly trendy bars and restaurants that lined the Calle’s in this area of the city.


With beautiful industrial-chic “rusty” restaurant facades, “victorian” style tiling (the type that is also very popular back in the UK right now), rustic wooden tables and chairs, jungle gardens with waterfalls and cushions to lounge on, tree-lined pavements, decent cocktails and the all important freezing cold beers, this area of Medellin would slot right into the likes of Manchesters Northern Quarter and nobody would bat an eyelid.


Having come from Bogota/Las Amazonas, it really did take us by surprise. So how did we show Medellin how much we liked her? We drank all of her beer (or so it felt) and went to bed at 6am most nights. To cure our hangovers, we found this amazing little coffee shop nearby the hostel which served brunch that wouldn’t be out of place in some of London’s trendiest joints.


So hungover I was in fact, that I managed to do very little during my time in the city, other than a bit of wandering and visiting some viewpoints up on the mountains, oh and to a more “typically colombian” district called Saboneta for breakfast one day. I didn’t do the Escobar tour, or make it to Guatape, and I’m slightly disappointed….


…but I met this Australian girl in Guatemala and she told me “we are travellers, not tourists; as long as you make the best of your time wherever you are, it doesn’t matter if you don’t see all of the sights.” I’ll take that! And I will likely continue to use it to justify bad alcohol related choices as I continue my trip! 😉


The people of Medellin are incredibly proud of their city, what it’s endured and what’s has risen from the ashes and it’s “muy facil” (easy) to see why, it blew us ALL away, three nights there was not enough, and I am already planning how I can ensure my return later in my trip (perhaps I’ll fit some of the sights in next time).


Now we are in Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and I’m heading to the beach in about half an hour to top up my tan (for Shannon’s benefit ;-)). And yes, I WILL get round to writing up the Amazon trip… (I did a draft at least…well done me!).

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