No Blogging in Paradise

After an appalling January on the blog writing, I was determined to enter February with a more focussed approach. But I’ve been on a tropical island – soz.


At the beginning of Feb (ok, the 5th – I was just busy the first 4 days, right?), I began a 4 day journey through the San Blas Islands to get from Central America to South America. The San Blas Islands were absolutely stunning, by far the most “paradise island”-esque place I’ve ever visited, and the trip itself was so much fun. There were 20 people in total on the trip, and it was the perfect mix you could ask for in a group. I’m wholly confident I’ve made friends for life on that trip, I am currently sharing an Airbnb with a few of them in Medellin.


So, the boat trip was 4 days long, meaning I arrived in Colombia (in a beautiful small town called Capurgana, on Colombia’s caribbean coast) on the 8th January.


As beautiful as this small town was, the Wifi was absolutely dreadful, but I wanted to stay in this secret paradise for a while and managed 4 nights. So, hence it is only now, after having arrived in Medellin yesterday that I am able to write my first February post!


So here it is…


Back in Medellin…. The third time I’ve visited this city in my 5 month trip. Because it’s incredible! I genuinely love it here! I’m currently sat in a beautiful tropical themed cocktail/brunch bar called “Botanika” in Medellin’s most exclusive and trendiest “zona”; Poblado.


But getting here was quite the chore! When we arrived in Capurgana from the boat trip we learnt that the Colombian rebel group were threatening to disrupt national travel of all types from Saturday 9th Feb to Tuesday 12th with road blocks, bombs on buses etc… eeeeek.


So we instead were able to book a flight from a tiny tony beside Capurgana. Along this stretch of the coast, there are no roads or cars, so travel is limited to only boat and feet.


So 6.30am yesterday we got a dreadfully choppy and rough boat 30minutes down the coast from Capurgana to nearby Acandi. The waves were so rough, the boat couldn’t get into the port with all of us on board, so all passengers were thrown out further up the coastline from the town. And we had to trudge through a muddy rainforest to get to the port, where the boat had our luggage already set on a horse and cart.


The horse and cart took us the 4km to the small ex-military airport nearby where we flew in style on a small prop plane to Medellin in 45minutes (beats a 10hour bus journey if you ask me) Bus = $70, Plane = $100 – easy choice!


So back in Medellin I am, and having spent the last two trip here seeing all the sights, I’m going to enjoy some chill time, take advantage of this beautiful city, eat in it’s stunning restaurants, get drunk in its lively bars and possibly go paragliding from it’s surrounding mountains. Oh and catch up on my blogging (famous last words).


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