Nobody Leaves Baby at the Airport

Thu-16th-Nov-2017 / Guatemala City

So, I thought about starting writing a daily update a few days ago. But at that point I was really unwell – I had a horrible stomach bug, swiftly followed by Tonsillitis. I just felt run down and shitty, and was really missing home (for the first time). So I thought best not tell you in detail about those days because it would just have been a load of misery and me telling everyone how much I miss mofo lol.


These “daily” updates (forgive me if I miss a day…or ten – gone swimming/getting shitfaced). But the idea is just that these will include:

  • A story of my day (500ish words)
  • Photo of the day (i.e. the cover photo of the post).

(Let me know your thoughts at the bottom).


1,2,3… here I go….

Two nights ago I made the journey from Lake Atitlan (which was stunning) to Guatemala City. I decided I wanted two nights in a cheap hotel with a private room so I can get a good nights rest, have my own space and make sure I’m feeling better for when I fly to Bogota to meet Frankie and Co on Friday – when “not drinking” certainly won’t be an option.

And it’s worked! I’m feeling much better.

Today I’ve done sod all, just wandered the city for the morning, went for lunch (at McDonalds – sorry). And then I had to spend the afternoon/evening chilling in my hotel, because….

…my bus from Lake Atitlan to Guatemala City yesterday… there was some big commotion about the location of my hotel, them not being able to drop me off (these are tourist shuttles, where they normally take you direct to your hotel, not to a bus station). Apparently because there was nobody else going near there. So they started out saying they were going to drop me at another hotel, and I figured out (google maps) that I could walk to my hotel. Grand!

Anyway, at the last minute some wizz-kid (read dimwit) decided a really good idea was to drop me at the Airport with some of the other passengers, and his friend who lived nearby would collect me and drive me direct to my actual hotel.

It all seemed a bit ridiculous, but as I’ve learned with Central Americans, often the most illogical idea seems the best, and there is no convincing them otherwise. So I went along with it. At the airport the driver took me to a cafe and told me to wait; his “friend” will be there soon. He even told the cafe employees the situation.

Thirty minutes passed, and I was starting feel rather lonely. After 1 hour reality sets in; I’d been abandoned ;-). I tried speaking to the cafe employee who had spoken to the driver but she had zero interest in trying to communicate with me; and I was even churning out “mi major Espanol” (my best Spanish) for her. 

This so called “friend” never came; I gave up and got in a taxi. But it took 1hour and cost me Q100 (£10)… I wasn’t happy… the shuttle bus from Lake Atitlan (a 4 hour drive) was only Q150. When I arrived at my hotel, I decided to send them some verbal diarrhoea about how dreadfully I’d been treated by their so called “shuttle service”. I was absolutely throwing the Spanish insults. “Tu madre es una puta!”…. I screamed at absolutely NOBODY for fear of being punched in the face (Don’t google translate that if you’re one of these “easily offended” type).

After a slow back and forth of me frantically typing angry messages into google translate. Copying. And Pasting…. To my absolute shock, they offered to give me the Q100 back that I’d paid for the taxi.

So I am sat here waiting for the driver to bring the Q100 to my hotel. He is on his way now.

I mean, what a day! P.s. not much to see in Guatemala City, a few old colonial buildings. But in my humble (and very honest) opinion, it doesn’t have a nice feel about it to wander round. So sitting here, having a picnic in my room, talking to a Granny Smith isn’t such a bad evening. The pinnacle of relaxation & recovery if you ask me.

What shall I buy with my Q100 to celebrate this momentous triumph in customer service. Suggestions on a postcard please! (or just comment below).


What do you think to these daily updates? Shall I keep them coming? Yay or nay?


  1. Christine
    17th November 2017

    You certainly live life to the full Kyle! Amazing! C and A

  2. Cathy Berry
    17th November 2017

    Yes – keep them coming, it is now cold and dark very early in the UK therefore uou may possibly relieve the boredom with your daily adventures … we will see – rest assured you will be the first to know if I do not find them entertaining ?xx

      18th November 2017

      Fiesty one you are!

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