Salsa – I think I’ll stick to the sauce

Salsa (the dance, not the sauce) is such a huge part of Colombian Culture, that I had been thinking I’d best learn the local shuffle. It’s not uncommon to be out in a bar on an evening enjoying some Cervezas (Beers) and all of a sudden the Salsa will break out.


So when Stef mentioned to me she was going to a salsa class on Tuesday evening, I thought hell yes! This is my opportunity. I’ll put my best foot forward and get involved in that class.


We arrived in Mountain Hostel in Palermo, Manizales at 7pm where the class was due to take place. The guy taking the class started explaining to us the format of the lesson, and basically kept using the words “complicado” (complicated) and “avanzado” (advanced). I was feeling a tad nervous, but thought I can only give it my best shot!


After about 5minutes it was clear for all to see that I was centre stage in a Zumba class, not a Salsa lesson. I was surrounded by a load of Colombian women shaking their hips. And it was by no measure a basic Zumba session.


It required an avanzado Y complicado level of basic dancing ability.


But my Britishness stumped me; just simply hanging up the dancing shoes and walking out wasnt an option. So I’m stood at the back with less than ample room for me swing my muffin-top hips and could barely follow the routine at all. It was so fast and all of my other girls clearly were regulars who knew how to dance the bachata with their eyes closed.


I was basically shuffling my feet at the back, struggling to keep my eyes on the instructor as well as on my own feet and the surrounding area/people. (I didn’t want to be responsible for any broken toes).


Half way through the class we had 15minutes of learning a new routine, which I got along with better as it was broken down and much slower. But it wasn’t anything to do with Salsa. I felt more like I got a taste of what it was like to be in Take That back in the 90’s. Throwing out the moves I was, and anybody in my way was to be eliminated.


Eventually after an hour I managed to give in and walk off.


Talk about a communication fail! But all the same, I suppose I had some fun!

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