San Blas in the City

Today is a do nothing, online banking, try and write a blog kind of day.

I’m really loving Medellin again for my 3rd time in this city! It’s just so vibrant, progressive, happy and aesthetically one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen; a puzzle of red brick buildings situated in a steep mountainous valley.

I want to stay here for a while, and I’ve been scouring the internet for either volunteering or working opportunities that will allow that – so far not with much luck, because I’ve probably not committed myself to the cause enough considering I spend most days doing an avocado tour of Poblado (the trendy, posh area I’m staying in).

But what’s making my time here in Medellin so exciting is the people I’m here with.

On the San Blas boat trip from Panama to Colombia I met so many good eggs!

I travelled from Capurgana by plane to Medellin last Monday (12th Feb) with Chloe & Brady from Canada. We found this really nice (basic but clean) apartment in an amazing location in the centre of Poblado. The rooms can be rented individually or seperately so we rented a double room each for a bargain price of £16.

Three days later, Lottie & Arthur from Germany (also on the San Blas trip) checked into another room in the apartment, so it basically became our own apartment. We cooked breakfast and dinner together, ate out, went clubbing and so on.

Then yesterday when Lottie and Arthur checked out, I was fearing I’d be on my own in the apartment and therefore have to move to a hostel for fear of getting lonely. But then Reece & Judith from London; we also met on the San Blas trip, messaged me saying they’ll be in Medellin tomorrow (having spent the last week on Colombia caribbean coast). So they have now arranged to stay in the same apartment.

And so the fun continues!

It just proves how incredible travel is for meeting other people. All 6 of these folk I’d not hesitate to invite to England or to visit them in their home countries. Truly friends for life!

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