The Show Must Go On

Tuesday/9th/Jan/2018 – Managua, Nicaragua

Yesterday we arrived in Managua for a pool day before Lottie, Shannon, Rob and Alex’s flight back to the UK early this morning.

So I was up at 4.30am to wave them off from the Hostel after a wonderful 3 weeks together travelling Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I felt quite sad, but there was a taxi mixup with the hotel that left little time for emotions lol. While they began there 24 hours, 1billion stopover journey back to the UK, I tucked myself back up into bed.

It’s now 10am, and I’m sat in the trendy hipster cafe that adjoins the hostel having Avocado on Toast, and I’m “reflecting”.

It’s been so nice having the four of you here for Christmas and New Year, we’ve done so much, seen so much, had many laughs! The beginning was a bit shite because I was still ill from my stomach parasite (apologies for being miserable haha). It’s been amazing!

Since I left the UK (nearly 4 months ago!!!), I’ve sort of had a timeline/deadlines to work towards; in the sense that I knew weeks 1-6 were volunteering in Belize, then week 10 I was meeting Frankie & friends in Colombia, then week 12 was meeting you 4 lovely coconuts for Christmas and New Year :-).

But now you’ve gone I’ve got nothing, I’m literally sat here in Managua, drinking coffee and I could go anywhere in the world; there are no more plans in the pipeline (other than to return to the UK for Spry and Emily’s wedding at some point ;-).

Having no plans at all is slightly daunting, but more than anything it’s exciting, it’s the reason I did this, to just set off and see where I get to. Whilst I know and appreciate how lucky I am to have friends like Frankie and you guys who I’m able to meet up with so far from home, the idea of now having to build my own plans and decide where I want to be is such a great feeling.

I’m so lucky to be in this position; I don’t want to fester on the idea of being alone with no clue about what I’m doing, but take this opportunity by the horns. I’ve got a couple of ideas up my sleeve, and I’m just going to take some chill time over the next few days to decide what to do. The show must go on!

Watch this space, I’ll keep you updated.

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